Please be aware DPF\EGR\O2 delete and removal is subjective to regional and international legislation, whilst we can supply DPF\EGR\O2 deletion and DPF\EGR\O2 removal software, it is imperative that you check the legislation and legal requirements for DPF filter\EGR valve\catalytic converter and DPF\EGR\O2 removal where you are based if you intend to use your vehicle on the road after DPF\EGR\O2 removal.

For clarity – In the UK and across Europe a DPF filter\EGR valve\catalytic converter must be fitted to your vehicle. By requesting this removal service you confirm that you understand that the vehicle should not be used on the road anywhere where it would be illegal to do so.

Modifications to your vehicle are carried out at your own personal risk thus absolving the tuner of any legal responsibility.