Do you want to give your vehicle the possible best protection from theft?

Would YOU like to be able to protect your vehicle with a discrete secret pin code using your vehicles existing buttons before it will start/drive?

If you answered yes then The Tuner can help!

Prices from £399

Blocks Your Engine From Starting
The Ghost immobilisation system is designed to prevent your car’s engine from starting unless you input the unique, personalised code sequence you have chosen.

Undetectable Protection for Your Car
There are many readily available professional diagnostic tools that can detect any alarm or immobiliser circuits in your vehicle and disable them, so they can steal your car. However, the Ghost immobilisation system has no circuits to cut and therefore can’t be tampered with using this method.

No Radio Frequency Signals
With the Ghost immobilisation system, would be car thieves can’t use sophisticated radio frequency scanning technology to detect and intercept what security system is fitted as it doesn’t transmit any radio signals.

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