What Is Remapping?

All modern vehicles are fitted with an engine control unit (ECU) which is basically a computer that controls how the engine works.

The default settings (maps) restrict the vehicles full potential, as manufacturers who sell their cars around the world have to take into account fuel qualities, different temperatures, and laws when they program the software.

Some vehicles are limited from the factory so unrestricted models can be released at a later date for an increased price tag.

Remapping is overwriting the default software data on the vehicles ECU.  With the new software we can enhance the vehicles overall performance.

A vehicle remap usually takes around an hour to complete the changes to the programming.

Once the remapping process is successfully completed, you should notice an immediate improvement in the speed and power delivery of your car.

You can usually expect an increase in horsepower of between 30 to 50bhp and up to 100nm of torque.

The vehicle will become more responsive which means safer overtaking and fewer gear changes.  Increasing the vehicles overall mpg.


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